Chase the consummate radio professional. Just look at his winning smile...always positive about life & people. His great voice & friendly personality got him started in his home town of Dallas, TX, where he started out as a part time host at a local gospel radio station. From there he has worked in cities like Charlotte, NC...Savannah, GA & others...Passionate about the youth of today & always giving freely of his time. Chase is also a motivational speaker, and the proud author of “Watch Out! I Am Dangerous! Because I Believe.” CHASE is an Unparalleled Voice for all times.


Check him out weekday mornings starting at 6am on "THE VIBE".

Charles Mitchell

Charles Mitchell, a New Jersey native, now calls Atlanta his home. Charles is no stranger to the broadcast media, having spent over 30 years as an on air personality and a radio programmer in cities like New York City, Miami, Florida, and Atlanta, GA. He also worked for Warner Brothers/Reprise Records where he helped promote artist like Prince, Take 6, Atlantic Starr, Mikki Howard, and so many others.


A big believer in public service, Charles supports any organization that involves the betterment of society, with a special emphasis on the America Cancer Society, Boys & Girls Clubs of America.


Something you may not know about Charles, he's an avid "Hallmark & Lifetime" viewer, as well as watching his sports from basketball (Atlanta Hawks) to football (Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers).  Charles loves to cook, (it's helps him relax)... and his favorite food: anything Soul & Caribbean.

Spend your evening with Charles on "The Quiet Storm starting a 7pm.

Uncle Joe Tarver

Joe "Uncle Joe" Tarver hails from Gary, Indiana where he apprenticed with Melvin Wares and Floyd Vault of Trilogy Productions WGCI DJ’s. He began teaching set up techniques and other DJ skills at Windy City DJ’s Arizona Chapter until he moved to Atlanta in 1994. In 1999, he became the sound tech for one of Atlanta radio's well known air personality “Si Man baby” where he got the nickname “Uncle Joe” because he takes care of everybody.  He worked at Cox Radio from 2000 to 2016 as DJ, Sound-tech, Stage Manager and Promotions Manager.  Uncle Joe's services with his company "Sound-Castle" has been providing entertainment for all walks of life. He's available for booking for your next event. DJ Uncle Joe is currently jamming all over Atlanta & beyond.

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