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This Virgo's love for music began at an early age, playing imaginary drums and listening to his parents 45's. It progressed to singing, then to a 25 plus year career as an on-air personality in Ohio, Indiana and Georgia.


An Ohio native, Marco has both professional experience as a musician and a top-notch radio personality. He's a self taught musician and enjoys playing piano, drums & bass guitar. He enjoys music, roller skating, movies, football (a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan), spending time with  his lovely wife...He loves eating Jif Peanut butter on a spoon right out of the jar, chocolate chip cookies & peppermint patty's...Something you probably don't know about Marco..."He would love to go on tour and sing with Earth, Wind & Fire and/or the Temptations, and also have a guest role on my favorite TV show, AMC's The Walking Dead."


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